What’s  around?

Unico provides anything we need for an everyday five star routine. It’s a place connected to exciting night life, dining destinations, business opportunites and recreational amenities. No better place in Tirana for first quality restaurants, cafes, shopping attractions and services for the lovers of fitness, entertainment and overall well being. Come and be part of this elite community in Bllok, Tirana!


Bllok is the area with the highest concentration of night clubs in Tirana. Gathering in here happens naturally. It’s the perfect place for night life activities, celebrations and new connections in every corner.


It is the destinatation to meet up with family, friends or neighbors and put social life in the spotlight. Prestigious and high class dining places will be a daily routine. There are a lot of bars and restaurants that bring out the enthusiasm to immerse in the atmosphere of Bllok.


With so many benefits that the area and the residence offer, you will make an investment with big potential growth for the future. Bllok is the most favourite destination in Tirana because it provides anything we can ask for. A place that is visited a lot by tourists, people who can hardly wait to live there, investors who invest in real estate for high rental profits and businesses that gather the fruits of their success.


A place where you can play, relax, socialize and connect with others. Shift into action and make time for the things you mostly enjoy. Contemporary area facilities that are definitely worth the investment.

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