Avantgarde technologies, sophisticated design and high quality material combinations are brought together at Unico, in one of the liveliest districts of Tirana. Attention to detail, rigorous implementation and control in every process, bring out the best results that improve the quality of our lives in a smarter and sustainable way.

Smart Technologies

Smart technologies respond to a dynamic and digital lifestyle, allowing us to take advantage of the contemporary lifestyle. It saves us precious time, money and energy, while monitoring home security cameras, or controlling different smart appliances on the go.

Accoustic Insulation

You will experience more privacy, quality sleep and added value in your new apartment in Bllok. Accoustic insulation absorbs vibrations and sounds, forming a barrier between the source of the noise and the surrounding area.

Ventilated Facade

It is a great acoustic barrier, it’s easy to clean and increases the lifespan of the building. This technology is definitely an improvement in profitability, design and productivity of the residence.

Energy Efficiency

This is an energy-efficient building that has adopted innovative ecological approaches. From ecological & financial benefits of cutting energy use to potential improvements in the overall health.

Natural Light

Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, morning or afternoon, we make sure that you enjoy some sunshine from outdoors to indoors of your apartment.

Eco Friendly

We embrace the values of the planet, while not sacrificing the quality and comfort of the residence. It’s an effort to reduce the impact on the environment and improve the overall well being.

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